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The Dance
From cold I turn to heat. 
The sense is close to sin. 
My blood is filled with beat, 
I’m desperate to begin. 

The skin is dropping down, 
Sweet taste of touch is near. 
Can’t see the crowd around. 
The wish is so sincere. 

And finally it starts. 
You take me at my hips. 
The eyes are filled with stars. 
The alcohol on lips. 

You’re gentle, neat, and slow, 
And closer than I thought. 
And I already know 
A glance of yours I caught. 

You want it, so do I. 
You wrap your arms around. 
I feel like I would fly, 
My heart is feeling sound. 

Afraid to scare the feel, 
I’m trying not to breathe. 
I free my wish concealed. 
We dance like noone sees. 

Your fingers find my skin, 
The touch is soft and smooth. 
The dance is almost sin 
Which I’m afraid to lose. 

Cologne is smelling great, 
You’re my kind of perfume. 
I cannot bare the break. 
I want to dance with you. 

Our dance is more than love: 
It’s just a need of touch. 
High heels. You’re still above. 
You never are too much. 

Forgetting of your girl, 
You want it now and here. 
My hair is full of curls. 
The end of dance is near. 

The movement and the move. 
The breath. The touch. The chance. 
Your look can simply prove: 
You like the way I dance.

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